This couple lives like it's the 1930s

11:38 AM Jun 08, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A couple has abandoned contemporary life and is living in the 1930s, making phone calls exclusively on landlines, watching only black and white television, listening to music on gramophones, and paying with cash.


Lisa Fletcher, 58, and her husband, Neil, 55, have a 1930s refrigerator and a nearly 100-year-old automobile. Their closets are brimming with vintage 1930s clothing.

It was Lisa’s idea to live like it was the 1930s. Shortly after they married in 1991, she persuaded her husband to join her.

Neil was initially sceptical, so Lisa made a few changes to their home. But, as time went on, she noticed Neil noticing fascinating stuff in the similar way.

They eventually decided to go “all out in the twenties and thirties.”


Since they moved in six years ago, they’ve been transforming their property into a 1930s bungalow. There’s an original fireplace, furnishings, and even appliances, such as a working enamel stove and a 1935 Westinghouse refrigerator. The skirting boards, light switches, doorknobs, and original cabinetry are all meticulously detailed.

Lisa prefers to wash her clothes by hand with a mangle.

“I was always interested in history from a child – I never liked shopping like other schoolgirls but I used to drag a huge history book around with me. After Neil and I married, I bought a few art deco pieces for the house until eventually he got on board and started buying them as well. We decided to go full 20s and 30s high style – for me it had to be full on glamour,” Lisa, of Watchet, Somerset in England, was quoted as saying by Mirror.

“I never thought I’d actually find the clothes. I always wanted to dress this way, but nobody who does ever tells you where they get their clothes. Eventually, I was tipped off by someone about a business and they have basically supplied me with my entire wardrobe. We also go to car boot sales and charity shops a lot,” said Lisa.

Neil is required to use a cell phone for work; otherwise, they utilise a landline.

They seldom ever utilise online banking or credit cards.

The couple, who do not have children, occasionally visits a modern home showroom out of curiosity.


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