This French university offers a Master’s degree in ‘drinking, eating, and living’

10:48 AM Jan 05, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Many of us like to live lives that revolve primarily around eating, drinking, and living.


While everyone needs to eat and drink, some people make eating, drinking, and socialising a lifestyle choice and consider themselves masters of eating, drinking, and socialising.

It’s not difficult to come across a foodie or a bibulous individual. You may have one in your family or group of friends.

However, a prominent university in France is now taking the drinking, eating, and living lifestyle very seriously. They are taking it so seriously that they are offering a master’s degree programme on the subject.

According to rumours, a person who enjoys drinking, eating, and living can earn a Masters degree from Sciences Po Lille, one of France’s most prominent political science schools.


The BMV course, which stands for ‘boire, manger, vivre,’ includes a wide range of topics related to food, beverages, and ‘living’

According to The Telegraph, the training involves ‘gastro-diplomacy,’ culinary technology, and combating sexism in the kitchen.

According to the report, the unique curriculum has already begun with lecturer Benôit Lengaigne delivering classes on ‘terrestrial meals.’

Students attend food and beverage conferences in addition to completing essays on topics such as lifestyle, plant-based alternatives to meat, farming history, and other topics.

Students take on the roles of TV journalists, food critics, and food delivery company executives, among other things, to question one another on quality and working conditions.

In the early days of the Masters programme, the first batch of 15 students, according to Lengaigne, had a good laugh.

‘One of the best ways to stimulate 20-year-old students’ desire for improving or saving the world through their future profession,’ he said.

“It is a master’s course that unites us around one passion: the world of gastronomy and food. Given the climate emergency, food will be at the heart of global challenges,” course ambassador studnet Clémence Ricart told Le Monde newspaper.


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