This optical illusion can reveal your observation skills!

11:21 AM May 08, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

The human brain is a remarkable organ. Our brains not only process a great deal of information but also construct our view of the world perceived by our sensory system.


Optical illusions have been used to study the fundamental principles by which our brain process information. The brain not only receives inputs from sensory organs but also adds and removes information, owing to its limitations in processing capacity, leading to illusions.

Illusions are also a favorite tool used by Psychologists to research the limits of our perceptual system. Artists have used illusions to construct and portray an alternative reality.

One such popular illusion is the General’s Family illustration created by Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo.

This mesmerizing picture hides 9 human faces in it. Only those with clear eyesight may find them all.


Give it a try! Observe the image below  How many faces do you see?

It’s easy to spot a few, right off the bat.


Don’t be in a hurry to find the answer. Take another look!


How many did you find? Please write it down.

What does the score reveal about your observation ability?

According to The Minds Journal the number of faces you spotted, without looking at the answers, tells the following information:

  •  6 faces or less: You have good but average observation skills
  •  7 faces: You have above average observation abilities
  •  8 faces: You are a highly observant person
  •  9 faces:  You possess outstanding observation skills. You are also creative and intuitive.


Here’s the answer:


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