Today is World Environment Day (WED)

01:36 AM Apr 05, 2020 | aaron |
Mangaluru: “We have only one earth – It is our responsibility to protect it” is a universal truth. In the backdrop pollution adversely affecting the planet, it is an important duty to save the environment. In this hope and with the aim to spread awareness, World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on June 5th every year. The United Nations (UN) started celebrating this day since the 70’s. In 1972, the UN General Assembly discussed WED at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment with the aim for safety, environmental security and healthy future. It created various plans and programmes for the environment’s safety. It was announced on June 5th 1974. It was announced that the creation of a clean environment must become the peoples' campaign. The aim of the campaign was to provide information regarding the problems faced by the environment and to create a solution to the problems. The motto was for a clean and beautiful environment. Beautiful earth The celebration of WED inspires for the complete stop of environmental pollution and for the holistic protection of the interests of the beautiful earth. The various intentions include inculcating the important awareness regarding a health environment, giving global importance to actions for the development of the environment and the active participation of the people in the campaign. The people must be always be aware of the incidents regarding the environment; the conservation of the environment becomes important for a secure and health existence is also the information that must be widely published.

The United Nations environment program, whose office is at Nairobi in Kenya, conducts this day’s campaign. Various programmes like plating of saplings, cultural programmes for the students-youth, drawing and quiz competition and other programmes are organised with the topic of spreading awareness regarding the environment. Importance is given for awareness programmes. Attention is drawn towards topics like change in environment and weather. India’s hospitality Every year, a specific motto is announced for the celebration of the World Environment Day. In 2018, it was “Beat Plastic Pollution”. India was the host country for this. Programmes were created with the aim of completely stopping the use of plastic. The campaign progressed with the aim, “Our nature must be made free from plastic. Our wild animals, environment must be protected. The environment must be protected from the horrid effects of plastic.” By the way, it is worth noting that the Indian government has taken the pledge to make India a plastic free county by 2022. 2019 motto: “Beat Air Pollution” and the host country is China. According to a research paper: “In an extensive meaning, environment is not only earth, water and weather lying outside but also can be added with the social environment which includes the internal environment within the human body.” The total form of all the external reasons that affect the life of plants and animals is the environment. There is a continuous exchange between organisms, environment, energy and commodity. From this point of view, the life community, water, ground, temperature, heat, light, sea level, food supply and all others come within the limits of the environment. Depending on the environment, the behavior of organisms is varies. The reproduction, growth, self-defense, behavior and the bodily design of organisms is dependent upon the environment. Therefore this earth and the environment are one and the same. It is a holy duty to protect the environment and thereby the earth.

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