Today's Navaratri Worship: Brahmacharini, the granter of marital bliss

09:05 AM Sep 27, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Goddess Brahmacharini (“one who practices devout austerity”) is worshiped on the second day of Navaratri. As an unmarried maiden, Brahmacharini did penance for a long time and got Parameshwara as her husband. Parashiva’s second wife is said to be Brahmacharini.


In Mythology, she is also known as ‘Aparna’ as she did penance or ‘Tapasya’ by eating only the white flowers and green leaves that she foraged. Brahmacharini holds Kamandala, Japamala, and rose flower in her hands. Brahmacharini is also the ruler of Kuja planet.

It is believed that Brahmacharini is the goddess who grants ‘Kankana bala’ the fortune of marital bliss. Many believe unmarried can get the favor of the ideal spouse by worshipping the goddess.

It is also said that Brahmacharini showers her abundant blessings on those performing charity to the hungry, the poor, and the needy. ‘Shodashi Puja’ involving 16 types of worhip and 16 types of ‘aaratis’ is performed to Goddess Brahmacharani. Payasa made from dosa is said to be her favorite offering.

Date: 27.09.2022 Tuesday
Goddess: Brahmacharini
Color: White



Translated from Kannada article by K.O. Narendrakumar, Head of Sridurga Shakti Saptashati Rishiprajna Andolana


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