Tomato Flu infects children in Kerala: Check symptoms & measures

03:06 PM May 11, 2022 | Team Udayavani |



Amid the ongoing pandemic in the country, Kerala has witnessed a spike in tomato flu cases. The viral infection has reportedly infected around 80 children below the age of 5 in Kerala.

As a step against the spread of the tomato flu, a 24-member team has been formed to check the children, aged below five, in anganwadis, the sources said. A medical team is carrying out tests to those entering Coimbatore for fever, rashes and other illness – symptoms of such flu – at Walayar on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border.

What isTomato Flu?

The flu derives its name from the rashes and blisters an infected person develops which are red in color. Its symptoms include rashes, blisters, body ache, extreme fever. An infected person is likely to experience joint discomfort, dehydration, vomiting, nausea.


Preventive measures

As the infection has primarily been reported among kids below five years, doctors recommend ensuring proper hygiene for kids as a preventive measure. Direct contact with the infectious person must be avoided. If any of the above-mentioned symptoms are visible in a child, medical consultation is must.

Further it is suggested to drink boiled water to stay hydrated. An infected person must avoid scratching the blisters and ensure proper hygiene.



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