Udayavani exclusive: MLAs Bhagirathi and Rajesh Naik discuss comprehensive growth roadmap for Sullia and Bantwal

11:44 AM Jun 15, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Sullia MLA Bhagirathi Murulya and Bantwala MLA Rajesh Naik Ulippadi discussed the development needs of their respective constituencies and explore potential avenues for progress.


During the interview at Udayavani office, MLA Bhagirathi Murulya spoke about her vision for the improvement of Sullia taluk. One of her key focal points was the provision of a reliable drinking water system in her constituency. She proposed the construction of jackwells to harness water from various streams in Sullia, aiming to mitigate water scarcity issues. Additionally, Murulya emphasized the importance of infrastructure development, including road and bridge construction, as well as the creation of bypasses to alleviate congestion in Sullia city.

Furthermore, MLA Murulya acknowledged the challenges faced by nut farmers in the region due to yellow leaf disease and leaf spot disease. To address this issue, she mentioned that farmers in the area have been studying the soil quality and expressing their interest in cultivating alternative crops. The MLA also highlighted efforts to improve accessibility in remote areas and mentioned ongoing discussions with mobile companies to enhance mobile network coverage.

Meanwhile, MLA Rajesh Naik Ulippadi presented his plans for the development of Bantwal constituency. He specifically emphasized the importance of infrastructure enhancement, access to clean drinking water, and the promotion of tourism and agriculture in the region.

He further added that the construction of Jakribettu Dam in Bantwal was nearing completion. This dam would significantly contribute to the availability of drinking water, benefiting both Bantwal and Mangaluru. He further detailed his development plans for various areas falling under his jurisdiction, including Bantwala, BC Road towns, Karinja, Narahari Parvata, and Polali.


These regions are also included in the ambitious “Temple Tourism” project, which Ulippadi expressed his commitment to support.


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