Udayavani Interview: Brijesh Chowta outlines ambitious plans for DK's development

10:32 AM Jun 05, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Brijesh Chowta, the newly elected Member of Parliament, has announced that his primary focus will be the radical development of road and rail connectivity between Bangalore and Mangalore. This initiative aims to facilitate the swift movement of people and goods between the two cities.


First reactions as MP:

Brijesh Chowta expressed his joy and gratitude following his victory, stating, “This is a moment of celebration and pride. This victory belongs to the activists and reflects the voters’ confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is a triumph for our cause and organization, and it underscores the strength of the soil of Tulunad. This victory will uphold and advance the bastion of Hindutva.”

Main Intentions:

Chowta is committed to developing the district in line with the expectations of its people, leveraging the potential of the Tulunad soil. He emphasized his dedication to Hinduism and prioritized development.


“With the cooperation of all our MLAs, we will take advice and support from all concerned parties to form a comprehensive work plan. Special priority will be given to completing all ongoing projects,” he said.

First Priority for the District:

Chowta’s primary focus for the district is development. He highlighted the district’s potential to become an economic powerhouse in Karnataka.

“Under the concept of Navayuga-Navapatha, we will prioritize nine sectors and work on nine agendas. The goal is to facilitate the quick transportation of people and goods from Mangalore to all parts, including Bangalore,” he explained.

New Age-New Path Agenda:

The agenda includes connectivity, infrastructure development, industrialization and capital attraction, start-up and entrepreneurship support, marine industry development, empowerment of women, promotion of culture and heritage, and advancements in agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, youth engagement, coastal development, and security.

Election Results and Party Organization:

When asked about the election results, Brijesh Chowta acknowledged the opposition’s efforts to defeat their cause but emphasized that Hindutva should prevail. “We have reached out to the people with the view that development should be based on these principles. It is significant that we have won the hearts of the people.”

Regarding party organization, Brijesh Chowta mentioned that the District President, Satish Kumpala, will strengthen the organization by understanding the sentiments of party workers across the district, especially in the Mangalore Assembly Constituency. “It is our responsibility to keep the district as a bastion of Hindutva by uniting the young minds,” he stated.

Addressing Concerns About BJP’s Central Performance:

Brijesh Chowta also addressed concerns regarding the BJP’s performance at the center, despite its victory in the district. “Our leaders from the center will review the results, but I am confident that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will rise once again to the position of Prime Minister,” he concluded.


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