UK launches 'DogTV' channel that will cater exclusively to canines

01:14 PM Nov 06, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

DogTV, which debuted in California in 2012, is a channel dedicated only to your canine companion. It features a variety of shows tailored to dogs’ senses. Because dogs are unable to sense colours in the same way that humans do, they are more sensitive to movement. The channel’s programming is educational, interesting, and soothing.


The venture, which is gaining pace over time, was born out of rigorous research and development efforts that took into account a variety of elements linked to dogs and their behaviour. The research looked at the physiology and psychology of these fuzzy creatures, as well as the patterns of their emotions and demands. The channel is a platform where audio and visual mediums are used to deliver answers to issues such as anxiety, loneliness, separation, and stress.

Owners can also learn new techniques to live a better life with their cherished dogs through the channel’s programmes. The channel has lately arrived in the United Kingdom, having travelled all the way from the United States. The number of subscribers is growing, and it is projected to become mainstream in other nations, including India, in the near future.


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