Ullal: PhD student’s disappearance still a mystery

09:50 AM Feb 27, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Ullal: The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Chaitra (27), a resident of Puttur, has spurred the police into action, with new developments unfolding in the investigation.


Local Hindu organisations have alleged her disappearance to be a case of “Love Jihad”.

Chaitra, who had completed her MSc at a private educational institution in Deralakatte, was last seen on February 17.

Chaitra resided with her uncle in Mangaluru following the demise of her parents. Following her MSc degree, she embarked on a PhD research program at a private university in Deralakatte, where she received a monthly scholarship of Rs 40,000. She lived with her classmates at a rented house in Madoor, Kotekar. Chaitra vanished on February 17, prompting a police inquiry.

According to police sources, her scooter was found at Suratkal on February 17. Examination of her bank transactions reportedly revealed multiple withdrawals totaling Rs 10,000 from an ATM in Surathkal, followed by bus payments to destinations outside the district. Pursuing leads, police dispatched teams to both Honnavar and Bengaluru, considering the possibility of Chaitra having connections in those areas.


Mobile Signal Traces:

According to police sources, investigators are exploring leads suggesting Chaitra may have traveled to Bengaluru, based on signals from her mobile phone. Call details indicate contact with an individual in Bengaluru, prompting further scrutiny by the authorities, sources claimed.

Allegations and Speculations:

Amidst the search, allegations from Hindu organizations have added complexity to the case. Accusations of involvement in a drug network and purported links to ‘love jihad’ have surfaced.

Local Hindu leaders have expressed concerns about outsiders visiting the residence where Chaitra resided. Reports suggest suspicions were raised regarding the presence of individuals from different communities, fueling apprehensions.

Drug Network Under Scrutiny:

Following allegations by Hindu organizations, police sources said, that the investigation is also looking into the involvement of the drug ring in the case. The prevalence of drug peddling in the region, particularly targeting students in educational hubs like Deralkatte, is being investigated.


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