Unheard of in Karnataka: HC on threat to senior advocate MS Shyam Sundar

08:04 AM Feb 04, 2023 | PTI |

Bengaluru: The High Court of Karnataka on Friday expressed its concern over a threat to senior advocate MS Shyam Sundar and said such things were unheard of in the State.


The senior counsel filed an affidavit before Justice V Srishananda that some rowdy elements were seen outside his house. The personal affidavit stated also that a woman colleague of his was stalked.

Justice V Srishananda said, “This court has got a tradition and culture and you are trying to spoil that. A responsible member of the Bar is making allegations against you. This was unheard of in Karnataka.”

MS Shyam Sundar, representing Alliance University, in a petition sought cancellation of bail granted to the former chancellor of the university Madhukar G Angur. Angur was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate in a money-laundering case and obtained bail.

The court in no uncertain terms took him to task for the threats on the advocate.


“How can you send your rowdy elements? Don’t try to threaten anybody here, even if you put your hand in the nest of a sparrow, the sparrow knows that it will die in a moment but it will scratch you and then die, such is the power given by God to every living being.”

Directing him to tender an apology, the court said, “You may be a big man but that makes no difference to this court.”

Madhukar Angur denied that he was responsible for the rowdy elements in front of Shyam Sundar’s house but issued an unconditional apology. The court recorded the submission and adjourned the hearing of the case to March 1.

The court, in its order, said, “In order to maintain harmony and to facilitate the matter to be heard on merits, this court accepts the unconditional apology tendered by Madhukar Angur and placed the same on record. This court is also of the opinion that the unconditional apology taken on record would quell the apprehensions raised by MS Shyam Sundar on his behalf and on behalf of the lady colleague as well.”


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