Viral optical illusion: TikToker claims "only 1% people can see the words" hidden in this image

11:02 AM May 13, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Illusions, particularly of the optical kind, can be tricky. They show the remarkable ability of our minds to construct something out of nothing and vice versa.


Recently, an image of an optical illusion went viral on social media. TikToker HecticNick (@hecticnick) posted a picture that seems like a series of blocks and sticks.

In the post, the TikToker claims that “only 1 percent of people can” spot the words hidden in the image.

Give it a try. Did you see any words?

Here’s the image:



If you found the words Congratulations! You are among the “one percent.”


Can’t spot the words yet? Let me give you a hint!


Some people said they could spot the words when they looked at the image with their eyes almost closed.

Try it! Did you see them?


If you still couldn’t see the words, don’t worry! The image says “BAD EYES”

Try if you can spot them.


Did you find it amusing? Share with your family and friends. Find out if they too have “BAD EYES” or not. 


Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

Some did not need any help, one user said, “Got it immediately without closing my eyes 90%.”

Another said he was lucky, “I just kept blinking and I saw what it said.”

Some shared alternate ways of solving the puzzle, one person said, “Look at it from a side angle, and u can see it.”

A user was surprised it took him a long time to spot the words. “Omg after 10 minutes if trying to figure it out!!! IT SAYS BAD EYES,” he said.


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