'Wasn't gonna let me talk anyways': South actress on eating during Arnab Goswami's live show

09:28 PM Jul 21, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
South Indian Actress Kasturi Shankar stole the limelight in a recent TV debate hosted by Republic TV's Arnab Goswami after she was spotted eating lunch on live TV. Kasturi was among the panelists invited to the prime time debate on Sunday about the Bollywood Lobby and nepotism in the film industry. She was however seen eating her food as other panelists and the anchor Arnab Goswami continued to talk. Quickly she became viral on social media with people aspiring to have the kind of confidence she exhibited during the debate. The actress later clarified that she had forgotten to sign off from Skype. Among other things, she mentioned how she knew Goswami wouldn't let her talk anyway. Responding to a Twitter User who said that he wants her level of confidence, Kasturi tweeted saying, "Lol. Nothing to do with confidence. I spent 60 minutes watching Arnab in hypermode, He wasnt gonna let me talk anyways, so I left and grabbed lunch. but forgot to sign off skype. Apologies to everyone for the mess up ! No offence or disrespect intended!" To yet another tweet enquiring on what she was having for lunch, Kasturi revealed she was eating pongal while adding that it helped one sleep 'regardless of ambient noise'.

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