Waste water pollutes wells, borewells within Mandara limits

01:31 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
Mangaluru: Even while the horrible experience of the garbage heap from Pacchanady dump yard crashing down and decimating houses and flora here is still alive in the minds of the people here, now the water in the wells, drains and bore wells here is giving out a foul smell due to it being polluted by the waste water from the garbage and is becoming an open invitation for epidemic diseases. The residents here who already are facing the problem posed by the garbage are now terrified with the water turning into poison. At present, even though the residents here have been relocated to Baiturli near Kulshekar, movement of people along this stretch has not yet stopped. Ironically, scores of people are arriving here to have a look at the mishap out of curiosity. Besides, since the people of the neighbouring wards within the limits pass through this area, it cannot be denied that this can have a adverse effect on health of the people. It’s a fact that mosquitoes will thrive in the dirty stagnant water. Careful will drinking water The waste water flowing in the region is mixing with the water in many wells within Mandara region. at some places, the waste water is flowing directly into the wells and there is a fear that the water in the remaining wells may also get polluted. If the waste water seeps into the ground, it will eventually affect the water in the bore wells within the vicinity of mandara. Therefore it is necessary for the residents in the nearby areas of Kanjiradi, Kunjiribittil, Kamba, Ayaramane, Sarakodi and other areas to take precaution before consuming water. For now, a separate water pipeline for corporation water has been laid within Mandara limits by Commissioner Mohammed Nazeer and former mayor Bhaskar k. No retaining wall; only mud to be heaped! Although the flow of garbage has stopped, the possibility of the fallen garbage to slide further down the hill still exists. Hence, as a precautionary measure to prevent any further sliding of the garbage, the corporation decided to construct a retaining wall along the field here. But, since there are huge boulders in the fields here, the corporations plan to erect a wall is facing hindrance. Therefore, it has now been decided to pile mud heaps to the required level along the fields instead of erecting a wall. Through this action, the possible sliding of garbage any further can be arrested. But, this begs to ask the question on how will the mud heap stand any chance in front of the garbage heap which brought down fully grown mango and jackfruit trees as it came crashing downhill? Environment pollution control board officials visit In response to the request by the DK district administration, a team of officials from the state environment pollution control board in Bengaluru visited Mandara area in Pacchanady. They visited the area damaged by the garbage heap and conducted inspection regarding any problem inflicted by the garbage on the environment here. Later they held a meeting with the DK Deputy Commissioner and gave directions to the corporation regarding the precautionary steps that need to be taken.

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