WATCH: Father’s dangerous acrobatic stunt with toddler leaves netizens infuriated!

12:57 PM Nov 28, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Of the parents, fathers generally tend to engage in more physical play than mothers. A typical father-child interaction most often involves throwing, pushing, and wrestling to a certain degree.


However, a video of a father’s extreme acrobatic play with his toddler son has the internet shocked!

In the video clip, a man is seen tossing his son high into the air to the point where the child is floating in the air, unsupported. In the next sequence, the man swiftly swirls the kid standing on his palm and back into an upright position. The trusting child seems oblivious to the danger as it laughs and enjoys the play.

The video clip – shared on Wednesday by Twitter account @Gulzar_sahab has since gone viral. It has clocked more than 3.8 lakh views and close to 7,000 likes.


Netizens, however, are not amused! The man received harsh criticism from online users for carrying off such a risky stunt. One user felt that “This is too much… doing all this only for the purpose of videos… it’s hazardous.”

Another simply commented, “This person should be jailed.”

“If my guy ever does this to my kid, I’m never going to let him hold the kid,” one person said. “Seriously..for all this foolishness he’s jeopardising his kid,” another remarked.


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