Watch: Lion bites off zookeeper's finger as he teases it to impress visitors

09:58 AM May 24, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A fun day at the zoo for a group of tourists in Jamaica turned into a terrifying encounter when they witnessed a lion attack a person who appeared to be a zookeeper. A video of the incident, which has now gone viral, has sparked outrage on social media, with many people questioning the facility’s handling of animals.


The video shows an African lion howling in its enclosure as the man continues to tease the wild cat by petting or tickling him through the iron mesh. As spectators shoot the action on their cellphones, the animal can be heard roaring in outrage and even attempting to grip the man’s finger.

Things quickly go wrong when the beast bites the man’s finger. The man yells and is shown trying with all his power to convince the lion to release his hand, but the lion resists. The lion finally lets go after a brief struggle, and the guy falls to the ground.

According to, the event occurred on Friday at the Jamaica Zoo in St Elizabeth, when a lion amputated the man’s finger. More than 15 people were there when the incident occurred late in the afternoon.


One of the witnesses stated the event occurred as the zoo tour was coming to a conclusion when the man attempted to pet the lion in an apparent attempt to wow the visitors. The wild animal, on the other hand, was enraged.

Many people chastised the man for being careless and reckless when the short video went viral. Others called his acts “idiotic” and stated “he deserved it.”

As the outcry became stronger, the zoo’s management issued a statement assuring everyone that the zoo is a safe place for everybody. They stressed that the man in the video was a “contractor” and that the tape did not represent the facility’s safety procedures and rules at all times.



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