Watch Nick Stoeberl smash Guinness World Record with his tongue!

08:35 PM Mar 18, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Nick Stoeberl is not your average Joe. He’s a man with an extraordinary talent – he has the longest tongue in the world! And if that wasn’t enough, he recently set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time to remove five Jenga blocks with his tongue.


Stoeberl, hailing from Salinas, managed to pull off the task in a jaw-dropping 55.526 seconds, proving that his tongue is not just long, but also lightning-fast!

In a recent interview, Stoeberl revealed that being a Guinness World Record holder has opened up many doors for him. He’s traveled to different countries, experienced diverse cultures, and even tasted some delicious food. “It’s very fun, and I looked at the books as a kid, so to be in them is just an honor – it’s huge,” he said.

But let’s talk about his tongue. The average human tongue measures around 3 inches, but Stoeberl’s tongue is a whopping 10.1 cm (3.97 in) long! That’s almost four inches of tongue-tastic goodness. No wonder he holds the world record for the longest tongue (male)!

Stoeberl is not just a man with a long tongue; he’s also an artist. Yes, you read that right! He used his tongue to create some tasteful art before smashing his latest record. “When I first broke the record, I wanted to use my tongue for something, and I saw a video of a man in India painting with his tongue,” he said. “Feeling inspired, I decided to do the same!”


Before attempting to break the Jenga block record, Stoeberl also tried to set a record for the most tongue-to-nose touches in one minute. The man is unstoppable!

Stoeberl’s accomplishments prove that if you have a unique talent, you should use it to your advantage. Who knows, you might end up breaking a world record, just like he did!

Watch him break the Jenga block record here:


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