Welcoming the Festive Season: WGSHA's Christmas Fruit Mixing Ceremony

08:36 PM Nov 08, 2023 | Press Release |

Manipal: The Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA) celebrated the onset of the festive season with a vibrant Christmas fruit mixing ceremony on November 8.


Held at the WGSHA Students Training Restaurant, this joyous event united students, the MAHE Leadership team, the Pai family, administrative heads, local dignitaries, and festive enthusiasts in the annual preparation of the iconic Christmas fruit cake.

Chef K Thiru, Principal of WGSHA, warmly welcomed the attendees, setting the stage for an event filled with cheer and camaraderie. The venue, radiating with the glow of twinkling lights and adorned with traditional decorations, was infused with the sweet aroma of spices, creating a perfect festive ambiance.

The attendees, dressed in chef hats and aprons, eagerly participated in the ceremonial mixing of premium ingredients like raisins, candied peel, dates, cherries, and a selection of aromatic spices. This collaborative effort was a testament to the unity and spirit of togetherness that the holiday season embodies.

WGSHA’s team of chefs and students led the event, offering valuable insights and tips to ensure a perfect blend of flavors. The atmosphere was abuzz with laughter and engaging conversations, fostering a sense of warmth and community. As the fruit mixture came together, the air was filled with the melodious sounds of Christmas carols. Joyous carolers serenaded the gathering with beloved hymns, adding a harmonious touch to the festive celebration.

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This year’s ceremony was particularly noteworthy as WGSHA prepared to soak 160 kilograms of fruits and nuts, reflecting the grandeur and commitment to this cherished tradition. The event was not only a celebration of Christmas but also a tribute to the rich cultural significance of the festival.

Following the fruit mixing, the soaked fruits and nuts will be used by students to bake approximately 1000 kilograms of Christmas Plum Cake during the Christmas period. This cake will be distributed to MAHE officials and well-wishers and sold at the student-run cafe on the WGSHA campus, extending the festive joy to the wider community.

Smt Vasanthi R Pai, Chief Guest and Trust MAHE, emphasized the true essence of Christmas, highlighting the ceremony’s embodiment of love, warmth, and collective goodwill. The fruit mixture, she remarked, symbolizes not just festive celebration but also the community’s united spirit.

Chef K Thiru expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event. He remarked, “The Christmas fruit mixing ceremony is a beloved tradition that brings our community together. The enthusiasm and generosity displayed today are truly heartwarming.”

This ceremony at WGSHA not only heralds the holiday season but also strengthens the bonds within the community, reminding everyone of the joy and togetherness that Christmas represents.


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