What are the guidelines issued by government for amusement parks amid Covid-19 pandemic?

11:45 AM Oct 10, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

The Centre has issued guidelines on preventive measures to be followed in entertainment parks and other similar places amid coronavirus pandemic, urging people to wear masks and maintain six-foot physical distance.


The guidelines necessitate sanitisation of rides and staggered timings of operation and state that maximum 50% seating capacity will be allowed in theatres, restaurants and food courts.

Cleaning and regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs or handles, elevator buttons, handrails, slides, chairs, tabletops, benches, washroom fixtures, floors, walls etc.  must be done before the opening of entertainment park, at the end of the day and at other appropriate times.

Also, Provisions must be made for multiple hand washing stations and hand sanitisers for the use of the public. Provision of soap in toilets and hand sanitisers in other common areas in sufficient quantity must be ensured. Deep cleaning of all drinking and handwashing stations, washrooms, showers and lavatories shall be ensured

Swimming pools, wherever applicable, shall remain closed. Water themed entertainment parks and water rides shall ensure adequate and regular water filtration and chlorination as per the laid down standards. Staggered timing and regulation of physical numbers on these rides must be ensured


The guidelines further stated that Employees who are at higher risk, must take extra precautions. They should preferably not be exposed to any front-line work requiring direct contact with the public

Physical distancing inside and outside the premises must be followed, for which it advised that specific markings be made on the floor. Enough personnel must be deployed to monitor the queue and physical distancing.

The tickets sold shall be commensurate with the floor area per person that is required for fulfilling the physical distancing norms. Accordingly, entry to the Entertainment Park shall be regulated.

Entry of visitors with tickets to be monitored to ensure that the number of visitors inside the Entertainment Park at any given time doesn’t exceed the permissible limit. CCTV monitoring shall be ensured to detect crowding at any Rides or Food Court etc.

Also, natural ventilation must be ensured and use of small enclosed spaces must be discouraged. Contactless mode of ordering and digital mode of payment to be encouraged.

At the entry and exit points, the Health Ministry advised that hand hygiene and thermal screening should be mandatory, multiple gates should be used for entry and exit and only asymptomatic persons should be allowed in the premises.


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