Who is Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party, with 1% of votes?

05:11 PM Nov 06, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Dr Jo Jorgensen, presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party is on track to get 1.2 per cent of the national vote pulling several thousands of crucial votes away from both the Democratic and Republican candidates in key battleground states.


Two days have passed since the US’ polling day, and she has not won a single electoral vote. Although, she has no viable chance of winning the election, political analysts believe that the candidate may have a hand in determining the victor of this presidential race.

Jo Jorgensen

According to Indian Express, Jo is a senior professor of psychology at Clemson University in South Carolina, is the first female presidential candidate to be nominated by the Libertarian Party in its history of over four decades.

Jo first ran for office in 1992 on the Libertarian Ticket in South Carolina’s Congressional District, where she received about 2.2 per cent of the vote.


Jorgensen was nominated by the Libertarian Party as its candidate for vice president in the 1996 election. The party’s presidential nominee was free market writer and investment analyst Harry Browne. The election was won by president Bill Clinton.

On May 23, at the virtual 2020 Libertarian National Convention, Jorgensen was selected as the party’s 2020 presidential nominee after four rounds of voting by delegates.She is the party’s first female presidential nominee

As reported by Indian Express, she is against mass incarceration, foreign military operations and big federal programmes. In a video released by her campaign in April, she said that her goal was to turn the US “into one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral”.

If elected, she said she would bring the troops home from around the world and also work towards removing foreign aid to other countries. She also vowed to eliminate federal income tax




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