Woman takes selfie atop a sinking car as rescuers try to save her

12:56 PM Jan 19, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A woman in Canada was caught snapping a picture of herself even as rescuers were trying to save her from a sinking car.


A photo that went viral online shows the woman standing on the back window of her car as it slid beneath the frigid water’s surface. In the distance, onlookers and rescuers can be seen screaming out to the woman.

The incident took place on January 16  on the Rideau River in Ottawa, which was partially frozen. After speeding across the river’s solid surface, the woman found herself in a precarious situation.

For a brief while, the automobile sped across the surface before breaking through the ice and plummeting into the frigid water.

Local residents rushed to the scene.


To avoid the freezing water, the woman climbed the roof of her car, while rescuers used ropes and a kayak to reach her. However, she remained composed enough to take a selfie.

“The woman climbed the roof of her car in order to avoid the freezing water while rescuers used ropes and a kayak to reach her. But she remained calm enough to snap a selfie,” read the caption.

Another neighbourhood resident who assisted, Zachary King, said things could have rapidly turned worse. The woman was rescued with a kayak. However, her car had been entirely buried.


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