World environment day 2023: A healthy society starts with a clean environment

08:56 AM Jun 05, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

In celebration of World Environment Day, observed annually on June 5, people worldwide come together to raise awareness about the crucial role of the environment and our collective responsibility to safeguard it. The environment, which sustains all forms of life on Earth, provides vital resources such as food, air, and water for humans, animals, and birds. However, with the advent of modern living, humanity has fallen victim to excessive consumption desires, resulting in the degradation and pollution of essential elements like air, water, and soil.


This year, the focal point of Environment Day revolves around combating plastic pollution, a pervasive threat to our planet. Plastic waste not only harms human health but also wreaks havoc on the environment and biodiversity. From mountaintops to ocean floors, every ecosystem is marred by the destructive impact of plastic pollution. To address this crisis, the mantra of Environment Day 2023 is to create awareness about plastic pollution and promote the use of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, aiming to make our environment plastic-free.

It is undeniable that improper handling of the environment poses significant dangers to our collective well-being and the wealth of nations. While the utilization of natural resources is essential for a country’s development, failure to mitigate the substantial damage inflicted upon the environment will inevitably lead to dire consequences in the near future. Sustainable development emerges as a guiding principle to ensure economic progress, social equity, and environmental preservation.

Numerous developmental activities and the pursuit of an improved standard of living have played a pivotal role in damaging the environment. As income levels rise, people’s consumption patterns increase, generating vast amounts of waste that pollute our land and surroundings. This not only impacts our generation but also jeopardizes the well-being of future generations. It is an undeniable truth that a healthy society cannot thrive amidst environmental pollution and degradation.

While economic growth is necessary for enhancing human living standards, it should not come at the expense of environmental quality. We must ensure the availability of resources for future generations. However, this poses a substantial challenge for developing countries like India. The primary responsibility of the governing systems is to provide basic necessities such as housing, employment, food, fuel, water, and sanitation to the people sustainably. Achieving this goal requires managing population growth and preserving environmental quality.


Key elements of sustainable development, including social progress, equality, environmental protection, conservation of natural resources, and sustainable economic growth, necessitate joint efforts from governments and individuals alike. Every individual deserves the right to a healthy, clean, and safe environment, achievable through a reduction in environmental pollution, poverty, substandard housing, and unemployment. The imperative of our time is development that safeguards both the present and future generations.

Sustainable development cannot be realized unless global environmental challenges such as climate change, rising temperatures, air pollution, and water scarcity are effectively addressed. While complete cessation of resource utilization is impractical, their usage must be appropriate, efficient, and conservative. Emphasizing the development and utilization of alternative resources is crucial for the conservation of our planet’s finite resources. Raising awareness among the public about these issues is of utmost importance.

Water resources, including lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans, must be utilized sustainably to ensure long-term development. Water is a precious resource, indispensable for the survival of all living organisms. Preventing the destruction of forests, trees, and hills is paramount for maintaining sustainable environments. Soil pollution and degradation must be curbed to ensure sustainable agriculture and food production. Preserving valuable biodiversity is essential to maintain ecological balance and safeguard the delicate web of life.

Our collective effort in preserving and safeguarding the environment will pave the way better future.


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