World Environment Day: 3 ways you can celebrate 'World Environment Day'

07:51 AM Jun 05, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

World Environment Day, which was first observed in 1973, is characterized by the United Nations Environment Programme( UNEP) as “a global forum for encouraging formative change.” With millions of people from over 150 nations taking part, it’s now the world’s largest environmental event. The thing is to involve “governments, businesses, civil society, seminaries, celebrities, metropolises, and communities in boosting environmental mindfulness and celebrating environmental action.”


The World Environment Day in 2022, which will be hosted by Sweden, calls for “global collaborative, transformative action to celebrate, conserve, and repair our earth,” encouraging everyone, far and wide, to live sustainably and address the climate catastrophe.

According to the UNEP website, the periodic event was first observed on June 5, 1973, under the aegis of the United Nations Environment Programme( UNEP). The event has been organized in different nations on a rotating base since 1987. This time World Environment Day will be held in Sweden, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stockholm 50 UN conference in 1972.

Here are 3 ways you can celebrate World Environment Day in the right spirits:-

1. Get rid of that car:


Transportation is one of the most significant sources of air pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an average auto emits 4.6 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Begin by deciding on a location. Choose an out-of-door location, similar to a park, beach, hiking trail, or garden, where you can spend some time enjoying the terrain as a memorial of why it’s so vital to maintain it.

After you’ve decided, you will need to figure out how to get there. Allow your children to help you in mapping out the route and determining indispensable modes of transportation, similar to riding bikes, or indeed walking.

2. Neighbourhood cleanup

Are you wondering how to commemorate World Environment Day in your neighborhood? If that is the case, why not organize a neighborhood clean-up?

It’s a fantastic way to help the terrain while also giving back to your community. There are numerous activities to participate in whether you live near a beach, a water body, or a garden.

To ameliorate the terrain, you can start sand cleanups, swash cleanups, and trash and waste collection systems. Do not forget to invite your friends, and neighbors to help you out with this worthwhile cause. Also, keep in mind the government’s social distancing and lockdown conditions when choosing systems.

You will need to arrange your conditioning once you’ve named what you want to do.

Another factor to consider is how the trash and scrap collected will be disposed of. Without a question, the most effective way to recognize World Environment Day while having a positive impact on your surroundings is to participate in this effort.

3. The 3 R’s

The 3Rs conception isn’t new. But are you reducing, reusing, and recycling everything you can? If not, when would be a better time to begin?

To begin, avoid purchasing things that come in single-use packaging, similar to vegetables and fruits in plastic holders. Second, choose high-quality products that may be reused and repaired rather than being replaced. You can also rent particulars you do not use frequently.

What comes next? Recycle… Stop throwing away leftover food and vegetable portions that are not edible and rather use them to make nutritional soil.

Following the 3R’s vital guidelines will do wonders for the people searching the internet for” how to celebrate World Environment Day at home.

Let us make a commitment to observe Environment Day every day and grasp environmentally good practices. Consider the moment as a starting point for change, and get started right down. We owe Mother Nature so much that it’s time for us to repay her.


Authored by Rajasik Mukherjee, Media and Communication student at Manipal Institute of Communication.


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