World Environment Day: Taking action for a greener future

10:53 AM Jun 05, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th. It is a day to raise awareness and take action to protect our environment.


Started by the United Nations in 1974, it is now observed by over 100 countries. This day serves as a reminder of how important it is to preserve our planet for future generations. With environmental issues becoming more serious, adopting eco-friendly habits is crucial for a sustainable future.

President of India, Droupadi Murmu, shared a message on X (formerly Twitter) for World Environment Day. She said, “On World Environment Day, let us remind ourselves that protecting Mother Earth is our fundamental responsibility. We are trustees and not owners of natural resources. Climate change is affecting lives and livelihoods, particularly in vulnerable communities. Let us make collective efforts for building a better and greener world based on sustainability.”

Here are seven easy ways you can help protect the environment:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Follow the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. Reduce waste by using reusable water bottles, bags, and containers. Recycle paper, glass, plastic, and metal to save energy and keep waste out of landfills.
  2. Save Energy Energy use is a big cause of environmental damage. Save energy by turning off lights and unplugging devices when not in use. Use energy-efficient appliances and consider renewable energy sources like solar or wind power.
  3. Green Transportation Cars and trucks are major sources of carbon emissions. Reduce your impact by walking, cycling, carpooling, or using public transit. Electric and hybrid vehicles are also good options to cut down on pollution.
  4. Support Sustainable Products Choose products from companies that prioritize sustainability. Look for items with minimal packaging, organic ingredients, and certifications like Fair Trade. Buying local goods helps reduce the carbon footprint from transportation.
  5. Adopt a Green Lifestyle Make eco-friendly choices every day. Grow your own fruits and vegetables using organic methods, compost food scraps, and conserve water by fixing leaks and using water-saving fixtures. Use green household cleaners and personal care products to avoid harmful chemicals.
  6. Plant Trees Trees play a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen. Planting trees in your community or supporting reforestation projects can help combat climate change and create healthier ecosystems.
  7. Educate and Advocate Spread awareness about environmental issues and the importance of conservation. Educate your friends and family, participate in community clean-up events, and advocate for policies that protect the environment.

World Environment Day reminds us of our shared duty to care for our planet. By adopting these simple eco-friendly practices, we can help build a sustainable and resilient future. Let’s work together today for a greener and healthier tomorrow.


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