World’s first electric flying race car

02:54 PM May 23, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Airspeeder unveiled to the world the Mk3 racing prototype, the remotely-piloted craft is the world’s first full-scale and functional electric flying racing car.


The production version of this vehicle is being created at the sport’s technical headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. Airspeeder announced the specifications of the Flying Race Car.

Alauda Aeronautics, sister-company to Airspeeder is building ten of these vehicles for races set to take place on three continents in the coming days.

Head of Design and Royal Academy of Art GraduateFelix Pierron’s vision represents the marriage of an F1 car, a fighter jet, and a helicopter.

In functional terms, Pierron explains that, when crewed racing begins in 2022 and beyond, the pilot will sit in the cockpit, in the same manner, a driver placed in a modern Formula 1 car.


Pierron further referenced the Seaplanes that flew so gracefully and purposefully in the waters adjacent in Monaco in the Schneider Trophy, a major agent of progress at the dawn of the aviation age.

According to Pierron, the Mk3 remotely remotely-piloted electric flying racing car will deliver a maximum power of 320kW, equalling an Audi SQ7 performance SUV. The Audi weighs 2,500kg while an Airspeeder racing craft (without pilot) weighs just 130kg and it can lift a weight of more than 80kg, proving the viability of the powertrain for piloted races. Acceleration from 0-100 kmph takes 2.8 seconds and the Speeder can climb to 500 meters.

Exceeding the thrust-to-weight of the F-15E Strike Eagle, the Mk3 vehicle has a thrust-to-weight ratio of 3.5.

The remotely-piloted electric flying racing car will deliver a maximum power of 320kW.

It will be operated by an expert remote operator from the ground, featuring a suite of technologies and engineering elements never before seen on an eVTOL craft.


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