WOW Skin Science - Top 10 WOW Products for Ultimate Beauty Care

02:12 PM Jan 02, 2019 | Team Udayavani |

Today with a stressful environment in the competitive world there is a genuine requirement of something safe and reviving for daily skin care. Choosing from a huge lot of brands and picking up the right product for every skin condition is the biggest challenge for 80% of the young crowd. There has been a trend of trying new product every time one fails to buy the right one and mostly investment gets off the toss. Some help and some don’t, and some are not meant for all skin type.


Beauty lies in the health of our skin and hair. Inner cleansing is of course, important, but externally keeping it healthy to tackle everyday pollution is mandatory for which WOW is known for No Parabens & Mineral Oil products.

WOW Skin Science is making a huge noise in the series of skin care products. It claims to be the safest and yet proven in the market. Today when you look for the right care for your face and hair, WOW is nominated to be the best in the market. There are plenty of reviews and how to use tutorials all over the internet done by known bloggers to prove the fact.

As the holiday season has begun WOW Skin Science released exclusive holiday skin care kit which includes the best 10 products.  

  • Apple cider vinegar shampoo + avocado and coconut conditioner combo
  • Apple cider vinegar face wash
  • Apple cider vinegar skin moist tonic
  • Day face cream
  • Anti-ageing night cream
  • Charcoal face scrub
  • Set of essential oils (4 bottles)

The Apple cider vinegar shampoo + avocado and coconut conditioner combo is the awarded #1 seller at WOW. This product is meant for all type of hair and helps to balance PH level and restores shine.


We all know the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. Thus, you can observe the same healing from the products of WOW with much-added benefits. Apple cider vinegar face wash helps to wash off dust, tackling deep beneath the skin to rid your face of dirt and impurities. WOW Skin Science also recommends using Apple cider vinegar skin moist tonic after cleansing. It is a toner to keep your skin hydrated and helps face toning.

The Kit has the most important supply for regular use, i.e. Day face cream and Anti-aging night cream. We all use a day cream, use something that can help you healing throughout the day. The daily cream keeps your skin hydrated and protected from UV harms.

The major healing of skin happens at night. Always wash your face before bedtime and allow your skin to breath. The succulent Anti-ageing night cream sure to plump the skin while you get that much-needed beauty rest.

WOW Charcoal scrub is another great product. So far the charcoal experience on the internet has marked results like dry skin but WOW charcoal scrub cleanses skin, removes excess oil without drying it out. It is gentle and deep cleaning scrub with 100% pure substance and moisture lock. It leaves your skin fresh and smells good.

WOW Essential Oils is one of the premier brands of essential oils with the purest and best quality oils sources directly from the foothills of Himalayas! Add a few drops to a hot bath and feel the sensation of release as you inhale the glorious scent of peppermint, lavender, citronella,  lemongrass and orange.


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