Yashomathy Inspires: Perseverance, Patience, Prosperity on Women's Day

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The theme for Women’s Day, 2024, is ‘ Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress ’, aiming at tackling economic disempowerment. Indeed, Women’s Day strives to create a world where each of them can confidently pursue their dreams and aspirations. Yashomathy’s success—in fact her very existence—rests on the tenets of love, fortitude and hard work. These tenets have equipped her with the fortitude to overcome any challenges. Come, through this piece, let us join in acknowledging, respecting and celebrating her achievements…


She did not know who Ravi Belagere was. His name was not familiar, or that of his newspaper. She did not even imagine the rigours of a working journalist’s life—the late meals at unearthly hours; the wake-at-dusk/sleep-at-dawn routine; and the breaking news that kept editors and reporters on their toes every minute of their waking hours. Yashomathy only knew that she had to grab that graduation degree. So, she took the job. She well knew that she was treading onto perilous, uncharted territory. But she was unflappable in her resolve—investing in a sound education!

As Yashomathy gradually became acquainted with the vast range of the newspaper’s contents—with its coverage varying from politics, crime, technology and sports, to gossip columns on society and film celebrities—each aspect familiarized her with a kaleidoscope of depths and dimensions until they unraveling a totally new world for her. Yashomathy’s professional association with Ravi evolved into friendship, blossomed into love and culminated in marriage.

But her husband’s health was failing, partly because of work-induced stress. It resulted in his untimely break from his job, burdening Yashomathy with all the worldly responsibilities, and leading her grappling with profound questions about what her future would be like. However, all through her ordeal, she remained steadfast in her commitment to her job, facing all the challenges that life threw at her with equanimity.

In the midst of these challenges, Yashomathy’s aspirations to complete her graduation appeared ever-elusive. However, she enrolled in the IGDCS Counselling Course at Banjara Academy and pursued a Diploma in Boutique Management.


And then, disaster struck as death wrapped its cold hands around her husband, plunging Yashomathy into an unbearable grief and uncertainty, while providing for her twelve-year-old and battling life’s vicissitudes with stoic composure. She found herself dealing with adversity without the support of neither comfortable financial resources, nor landed property—not even a name as big as her husband’s.

Spurred by her indomitable spirit, she launched the Yashaswi Academy, offering art, music and dance classes. Concurrently, she began writing a column for the Vishwavani. She came up with the idea of compiling the reams of articles in the form of a book released under the auspices of Ravi Belagere Publishing House to honour his memory.

Yashomathy is also the force behind many cultural initiatives in the state under the banner of the Ravi Belagere Literature and Cultural Academy. She plans to establish the Ravi Belagere Kalabhavan and institute an award in his mother’s name, Belagere Parvathamma. Yashomathy also raised funds for establishing Rays Preschool and Day Care School set up under the patronage of the Ravi Belagere Education Trust.

When Yashomathy was young, she had often contemplated why her name was one that both began and ended with the letter ‘Y’. She deliberated on the uniquely tortuous path her life had taken. But every time she comes up with that question—so many years later—her response is a defiant, ‘Why NOT?’

Yashomathy has one piece of advice for people with similar struggles: “Cherish every moment at your disposal. Concentrate on honing your skills and passions. With relentless perseverance, limitless faith and unflagging effort, success will, surely, come to you.”

By Girish Linganna
Aerospace & Defence Analyst

( The author Girish Linganna of this article is a Defence, Aerospace & Political Analyst based in Bengaluru. He is also Director of ADD Engineering Components, India, Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of ADD Engineering GmbH, Germany. You can reach out to him at:

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