Yuva involved in extra-marital affair with a co-star, alleges Sridevi

09:56 AM Jun 11, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Following the serving of a divorce notice to Sridevi Byrappa by actor Yuvraj Kumar (aka Guru Rajkumar), serious allegations and counter-allegations have emerged from both sides.


After serving the divorce notice, Yuva Rajkumar’s lawyer Cyril Prasad held a press conference, making grave accusations against Sridevi.

Lawyer’s Statements:

During the press conference, Prasad said that Yuva has filed a petition seeking separation based on mental and physical abuse. It’s a 54-page divorce petition.

Prasad alleged that Sridevi Byrappa had an illicit relationship with a man named Radhayya. This has caused a rift in the relationship between Yuvraj and Shridevi over the past two years. Radhayya got married a month ago, which led Sridevi into depression. Because of this, she is now making false accusations against Yuvraj, he claimed.


Prasad further alleged that when Yuva tried to get intimate, she insulted him, saying things like ‘brush your teeth’ and ‘take a bath’. She demeaned him by saying he was not physically fit, unlike Radhayya. She would visit Radhayya’s house when his wife was not home. This is the nature of their relationship, he added.

Sridevi’s Accusations:

Sridevi has mentioned that she has replied to the legal notice. The details of her response, filed on May 30, have now come to light, with Sridevi making serious accusations against Yuvraj, claiming he has been in an illicit relationship with a co-actor.

The reply alleged that Yuva has been in a “relationship with Saptami Gowda for almost a year now.”

After marriage, Yuva Rajkumar changed significantly. His behavior and personality underwent many changes, it further says.

Despite all the mental, financial, and physical abuse and harassment in marital life, she endured everything to protect the family’s interests. Yuvraj has been in a relationship with his co-actress Saptami Gowda for a year. In December 2023, when Sridevi returned to India, she caught Yuva and Saptami Gowda in a hotel room. Because of this, he attempted to kick me out of the house, Sridevi alleged.

By maintaining a relationship with Saptami Gowda and now accusing me of fraud and deception, Yuva is trying to shirk his responsibilities. He is making these false and baseless allegations against me without any remorse, Sridevi Byrappa stated in her reply to the legal notice.


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