The blood bros from Chennai who are helping people in getting blood donors easily

01:08 PM Dec 02, 2021 | Team Udayavani |
Run by a group of college students, is a website app that facilitates blood donation.
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Nothing is comparable to the preciousness of human blood. In spite of the rapid and remarkable conquests of medical science today, there is no laboratory that manufactures blood.


Millions of people owe their lives to people whom they will never know or meet in their lifetime. They are none other than those people, who have donated their blood freely and without any reward. Voluntary unpaid donors are those who save millions of human beings from the jaws of untimely death. We all need to extend a hearty appreciation to these unsung heroes who give the precious gift of life to mankind.

For those who require blood for saving their lives, sharing with other fellows is the only means, thanks to Chennai-based startup Blod India ( Run by a group of college students. is a website app that facilitates blood donation. The app, a brainchild of two friends – Varun Nair and Aditya Vikram was launched on 11 July this year.

However, within this short period, the team has managed to get over 18,000 verified and reliable blood donors and has helped in saving lives of over 160 people. Scores of city residents in need of blood are able to get it quicker without much hassle.


How Did it All Start?

Much like everyone during the second wave of the pandemic in the country, Varun Nair too noticed and realised the importance of medical resources, one of them being blood. With calls for donors permeating social media, Varun wanted to find a way to effectively connect patients to donors around them. In just 20 days time, with the help of his friend and co-founder Adithya Vikram, Varun launched, a portal where patients can just enter their blood group and zip code to get access to a repository of eligible blood donors along with their contact details, all in just under five seconds. contains list of blood donors. The objective is to reduce the time taken to find a donor.

The website has been designed to aid users to match their needed blood group in seconds. In addition to this, also tackles the problem of hosting outdated user data on the website through the usage of automated WhatsApp bots.

These bots will periodically send a message to all registered donors to check if they are still available to donate blood to anyone in need. If the user replies in the negative, the data of the user on the website will be removed.


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