'6 more teeth than average human': Indian woman sets Guinness World Record

05:48 PM Nov 21, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

In a remarkable and somewhat extraordinary feat, 26-year-old Kalpana Balan from India has etched her name in the Guinness World Records by boasting a mouthful of 38 teeth, surpassing the conventional adult count by an astonishing six teeth.


Guinness World Records (GWR) confirmed that Kalpana Balan, a mother of one, now holds the record for the highest number of teeth in a female mouth. Her dental distinction comprises four additional mandibular (lower jaw) teeth and two surplus maxillary (upper jaw) teeth. The emergence of these extra teeth was gradual, starting during her teenage years, with each tooth making its debut one by one.

Despite experiencing no discomfort or pain, Kalpana encountered challenges while eating, with food often becoming ensnared between the surplus teeth. The revelation of this additional set of teeth surprised her parents, who initially recommended extracting them. However, her dentist advised patience, as the teeth couldn’t be easily removed until fully grown.

Speaking about her decision to retain the additional teeth, Kalpana Balan expressed her hesitation to undergo the extraction procedure even after their full emergence. “I am so happy to get the Guinness World Records title. It’s my lifetime achievement,” she exclaimed jubilantly after securing her place in the esteemed records.


Remarkably, Kalpana might extend her record in the future, as she still possesses two unfilled teeth.

On the male front, Evano Mellone from Canada stands as the current record holder for the highest number of teeth, boasting a total of 41 teeth, as specified by GWR.

Explaining the medical aspect behind the presence of surplus teeth, GWR reports, “The medical term for the presence of excess teeth is hyperdontia or polydontia, affecting up to 3.8% of the world’s population. Hyperdontia results from a tooth formation malfunction, the exact cause of which remains unknown. It’s believed that supernumerary teeth arise from an extra tooth bud near a regular one or from the splitting of a regular tooth bud.”

Kalpana Balan’s remarkable dental anomaly not only secured her a unique spot in the Guinness World Records but also sheds light on the intriguing yet perplexing phenomenon of hyperdontia, showcasing the marvels and mysteries within the realm of human biology.


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