Amazon sells single plastic bucket for nearly Rs 26,000

10:37 AM May 25, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

People can now buy and deliver gifts from any location and at any time thanks to the convenience of online shopping. However, one must admit that shopping on the internet is frequently a mystery or a gamble.


The most typical e-commerce concern is that you may order something and receive something completely different. Then there are pricing errors and contentious listings, which irritate some customers.

While price increases and variations are common in online purchasing, there are instances when some price lists are simply absurd.

This has happened before with a variety of luxury brands’ products. Many luxury products have upset netizens in the past, from exorbitantly expensive umbrellas to tattered pantyhose.

Something similar happened lately on Amazon India.


While netizens have grown accustomed to seeing expensive luxury items posted online, many were surprised to find a bucket listed on Amazon for Rs 25,900.

The crimson bucket is being sold for a hefty Rs 25,999, according to a screenshot of the listing.

There’s more. The item’s initial price was Rs 35,900.

Some Twitter users claimed the listing was due to a technical error shortly after the screenshot of the bucket was released. Others quipped that it was a good thing the bucket was on EMI.

The product is currently out of stock, according to some internet users.

The product’s pricing is no longer visible on the page. However, many on Twitter left it with ‘reviews.’


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