Hope to see my protege Padmaraj's electoral victory in my lifetime: Janardhana Poojary

09:59 AM Apr 24, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister B. Janardhana Poojary said he hoped to see the electoral victory of his protege Padmaraj R in his lifetime.


In a press release, Janardhana Poojary stated, “Tulu Nadu is the land of gods and goddesses, where truth, religion, and loyalty define its identity. In this realm of temples and divine beings, we must eradicate mutual hatred and injustice, and uphold truth, religion, and harmony. The suffering and injustice experienced by me, as the voice of the poor and backward classes, should not befall anyone else. I hope to witness the victory of my protege Padmaraj R. in my lifetime.”

He continued, “This region, abundant with religious sites, beaches, and natural beauty, should have led the state’s development. However, religious divisions have hindered progress. It is yet to shine. The label of being a communally sensitive area must be discarded. People must unite against irreligious propaganda and champion truth and religion. Padmaraj R’s victory should breathe life into the aspirations of the populace.”

Speaking about Congress’s contributions, he mentioned, “The Congress government at the center facilitated the establishment of ports, airports, railways, and roads in Dakshina Kannada district. The land reforms after independence empowered 80% of the populace to gain land ownership. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten. Those who advocate for Hindutva should learn from the older generation. Those questioning what has been achieved in 80 years, should mention one such contribution in the past 33 years. Therefore, Congress’s contributions to the district are clearly evident.”

Regarding the Modi wave, Poojary remarked, “The Modi wave is illusory. People are awakening to the truth. It’s essential to reflect on promises made a decade ago. Has black money been eradicated? Has the employment crisis been resolved? Modi’s list of unfulfilled promises is extensive. True development prioritizes the needs of the common people over corporate interests. The state government’s guarantee scheme complements this approach.”


He emphasized, “India boasts immense youth potential, yet it is squandered in communal conflicts. This election must address these issues.”

Highlighting Padmaraj R’s leadership, Poojary said, “Hindu means a religion of being humane and humanity. Padmaraj R, the Congress candidate from Dakshina Kannada, embodies this ethos. His reputation has soared due to his involvement in religious affairs. There is a distinction between genuine Hinduism and its distortion. Two decades ago, our elders considered themselves brothers, but today, religion is often used to justify wrongdoing.”


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