Jayaprakash Hegde has been a lifeline for farmers, says G.H. Srinivas

08:06 PM Apr 21, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Tarikere: Expressing strong support for Jayaprakash Hegde, Tarikere MLA G.H. Srinivas highlighted Hegde’s dedication to the welfare of farmers, especially groundnut and coffee growers, despite his relatively short time as an MP. He criticized other MPs for neglecting their constituencies after winning elections, contrasting their behavior with Hegde’s consistent responsiveness to local issues.


“Though he has been in power for a short period as an MP, Jayaprakash Hegde has worked hard for improving the lives of the people of his constituency. He has been the voice of life for the arecanut and coffee growers. We are all lucky to have the opportunity to elect him again to the Parliament. So we are all betting on Jayaprakash Hegde’s victory,” Srinivas said.

Srinivas emphasized Hegde’s role in improving prices for agricultural produce and urged constituents to support him in the upcoming elections. He also praised the Congress government’s guarantee schemes for providing comfort to the poor and expressed hope for more such schemes if the Congress-led “INDIA” alliance wins at the center.

“BJP MP who got votes from us by giving false promises and won, never once visited the constituency she represents. Let alone development works. Won’t they know people’s hardship if they come to the constituency? They have fled. As the party members started the ‘Go Back’ campaign, today she faces a situation where they had to represent another constituency. Jayaprakash Hegde is not like that. Whether he is in power or not, he has responded to the problems of our farmers,” Srinivas added.

“If the areca nut crop is getting better prices today, the main reason is Jayaprakash Hegde. It is our responsibility to support him,” he said.


“The five guarantee schemes given by the Congress government have brought comfort to the poor. If the Congress alliance “INDIA” government comes to power at the centre, the poor will receive the benefits of more guarantee schemes. We need a capable representative in Parliament who will raise his voice for the issues of our constituency. That capable leader is Jayaprakash Hegde. People are angry about the central government, which has given false promises and ‘Chombu’ in return.  It is the responsibility of the people of the constituency to elect a sensible leader like Jayaprakash Hegde,” he said.

In his address, Jayaprakash Hegde lamented the lack of response from other MPs to the problems faced by farmers and the poor. He stressed the importance of electing representatives who actively engage with their constituents and address their grievances.

“It is sad that a representative of the area, both as a parliamentarian and as the agriculture minister at the centre, does not respond to the problems of the farmers and the poor in this area. A representative of the people should be among the people and listen to their grievances. When the candidates the voters chose do not work, that representative should be questioned. When the representative does not come back to the constituency, who can question them? So, vote for the Congress party, who has progress in its every breath,” he appealed to the voters.

Hegde highlighted the issue of youth unemployment and outlined plans for establishing complementary industries and medical facilities in Udupi and Chikkamagaluru constituencies.

“Youths are facing an unemployment crisis. Those who said they would provide two crore jobs every year have surrendered to silence. The youth, who are the strength of the country, are facing difficult times… Complementary industries should be established to provide employment to them. Merging our profitable banks with loss-making banks is pointless. Our aim is to establish a medical college and a super specialty hospital in Udupi and Chikkamagaluru constituencies. Vote for Congress to make our dreams come true,” he said.

Hegde urged voters to support the Congress party for “democracy’s survival” and the realization of their collective dreams.



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