Jayaprakash Hegde unveils "manifesto for prosperous development" of Udupi and Chikkamagaluru

06:07 PM Apr 20, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Congress candidate K Jayaprakash Hegde has expressed his vision for the “prosperous development of Udupi and Chikkamagaluru,” stating that he aims to achieve this through a “dedicated manifesto tailored to address the specific needs of the hilly areas, plains, and coastal regions”.


Hegde said the manifesto focuses on uplifting both hilly terrains and coastal plains and encompasses a wide array of initiatives aimed at agricultural advancement, industrial expansion, healthcare enhancement, and educational empowerment.

JP Hegde further said that the manifesto reflects a comprehensive approach towards holistic development of the region, keeping in mind the needs of various sectors crucial for the progress of Udupi and Chikkamagaluru. With a focus on grassroots empowerment and sustainable growth, the manifesto aims to propel the constituency towards a brighter future, he added.

Key highlights of the manifesto include:

  1. Agricultural Advancements:
    • Activation of the dormant ‘Arecanut Research Centre’ to bolster arecanut cultivation.
    • Implementation of recommendations from the Gorakh Singh report to safeguard the interests of areca nut growers.
    • Combatting perennial leaf spot disease affecting areca nut crops through dedicated research efforts.
  2. Promotion of Dairy Farming and Agricultural Exports:
    • Establishment of a KMF milk unit in Chikkamagaluru district to boost dairy farming.
    • Endeavours to obtain Global Brand (GI Tag) status for Malenadu’s agricultural products.
    • Encouragement of exports by identifying and promoting 10 different agricultural and industrial products.
  3. Malenadu (hilly area) Development:
    • Initiatives to increase compensation for crop damage caused by wild animals.
    • Recognition and preservation of heritage settlements in the hilly region.
    • Celebration of ‘Mountain Day’ on April 15th annually to raise awareness about the life and culture of hilly regions.
  4. Industrial and Infrastructural Growth:
    • Development of industrial colonies and corridors to support micro and small-scale industries.
    • Establishment of fisheries industrial sectors and seafood processing zones to facilitate exports.
    • Expansion of infrastructure including mini-bus connectivity, airstrips, and port connectivity roads.
  5. Healthcare and Education Enhancement:
    • Upgradation of government hospitals and establishment of a well-equipped ESI Hospital for industrial workers.
    • Proposals for government medical and engineering colleges to bolster educational opportunities.
    • Construction of a well-equipped ‘sports complex’ to promote sports activities in the Udupi-Chikkamagaluru.
  6. Fisheries Development:
    • Emphasis on dredging projects and facilities.
    • Provision of subsidies and pension facilities for retired fishermen.
    • Enforcement of strict measures for timely insurance claims related to fisheries.
  7. Land and Fisheries Reforms:
    • Simplification of legal restrictions to facilitate land allotment for agricultural use.
    • Efforts to amend the Fisheries Act, 1984, to align with current requirements.
    • Establishment of weather forecasting stations along the Karnataka coast to aid fisheries.
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