Karnataka polls: Ramanath Rai's hopes dashed with string of losses

09:25 AM May 14, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Senior politician and former minister B. Ramanath Rai faced defeat in what he claimed was his last electoral campaign.


Rai, who had tasted victory six times in the past, was hopeful and determined despite lacking support from the party’s state leaders. However, he fell short by a margin of 8,282 votes.

Despite facing initial reluctance from the party’s state leaders, Rai persevered and secured the nomination in the first list of Congress. Notably, he refrained from resorting to personal accusations during his campaign, instead focusing on highlighting his past achievements and asserting that he had fallen victim to conspiracies in previous elections.

Rai’s determination to win this time around was palpable, but the final result did not align with his aspirations.

Contemplating the Future:


B. Ramanath Rai made his foray into politics in 1985, embarking on a remarkable journey that saw him emerge triumphant on six occasions. Throughout his tenure, Rai worked diligently to bring about developmental changes in his constituency, earning the trust and support of the people. However, his recent defeats have left his political career at a crossroads.

Rai’s electoral fortunes took a blow in the 2018 state Assembly elections when he was swept away by the pro-BJP wave prevalent in the coastal region. It was an unexpected setback for the seasoned politician, who had hoped to secure victory once again.

Rai’s journey from a victorious political debut to a string of defeats, questions loom large regarding his political trajectory. Will he continue his political journey, fueled by a desire to reclaim victory and contribute further to the welfare of his constituency? Or will he choose to recede into the background, leaving behind a legacy of past accomplishments? Whether Rai continues to actively engage in politics or chooses to embrace a quieter role remains to be seen.


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