Kasturba Hospital, Manipal Recognized as One of India’s Most Trusted IVF and Fertility Centers by Insights Care

08:21 PM May 28, 2024 | Press Release |

Manipal: Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, has been honored by Insights Care as one of India’s most trusted IVF and fertility centers. This recognition celebrates the hospital’s remarkable advancements in healthcare services, medical research, and its compassionate approach to healthcare delivery.


The Manipal Assisted Reproduction Centre (MARC), with 35 years of dedicated service to infertile couples, received this prestigious award during a ceremony held at the Fortune Inn Valley View, Manipal, on May 27, 2024. MARC has been instrumental in facilitating the birth of over 10,000 babies through various procedures, with the oldest IVF child now 25 years old.

The Insights Care Award is a prestigious recognition given to healthcare organizations that have demonstrated exceptional performance in advancing healthcare services, medical research, and fostering a culture of compassion in healthcare delivery. This award highlights institutions that have made significant strides in their respective fields, showcasing excellence, innovation, and a patient-centered approach.
Dr. H S Ballal, Pro Chancellor of MAHE Manipal, presented the award and said, We are immensely proud of the achievements of MARC.

The dedication and expertise of the team have brought joy to thousands of families. This recognition by Insights Care is a testament to their hard work and the compassionate care they provide. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence in reproductive healthcare. Mr C G Muthana, COO, MAHE Manipal, Dr. Anand Venugopal, COO Teaching Hospitals, MAHE, Manipal, and Dr. Avinash Shetty, Medical Superintendent of Kasturba Hospital, Manipal and whole MARC team were present.

Dr. Pratap Kumar, Professor and Head of MARC, provided an overview of MARC’s journey since its inception in 1990, highlighting its significant achievements in the field of infertility. He explained that MARC began with basic procedures and introduced the test tube baby (IVF) procedure in 1998. The IVF process involves fertilizing an egg from the wife with sperm from the husband outside the body, then placing the embryo into the woman’s womb. The first IVF baby was born on February 18, 1999.


Dr. Pratap Kumar emphasized that MARC offers a comprehensive range of treatment programs for sub-fertile couples seeking assisted conception. The center is supported by expert doctors and scientists who have received specialized training abroad and possess extensive experience in handling subfertility issues. The center’s pioneering technological advancements have positioned MARC as one of the most advanced infertility treatment centers in India.

Dr. Satish Adiga, Professor and Chief Embryologist at MARC, along with his team of skilled embryologists, was acknowledged for their crucial role in the success of the test tube baby procedures. Other key team members, including Dr. Prashanth K Adiga, Professor, Dr. Anjali Suneel Mundkur, Associate Professor, and Dr. Vidyashree G Poojari, Associate Professor, were also congratulated by university and hospital officials.

MARC boasts a fully equipped andrology laboratory for male subfertility evaluation and semen banking for both short-term and long-term storage. Its embryology laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that meet international standards. The center also offers laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery for fertility enhancement and provides oncofertility techniques.

This recognition by Insights Care underscores MARC’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of reproductive medicine, making it a beacon of hope for countless couples seeking to build families.


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