Lok Sabha Elections 2024: What do voters say in DK’s political hub

09:14 AM Apr 23, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: As Dakshina Kannada Lok Sabha constituency gears up for a fierce battle, Mangalore south emerges as the focal point, characterized by unique political dynamics compared to other areas.


Often referred to as the political hub, Mangalore South serves as the epicenter of activities pertaining to the district. Recent events, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s roadshow and the nomination processions of BJP candidate Brijesh Chowta and Congress candidate Padmaraj R. Poojary, have stirred considerable excitement in the region.

However, despite the buzz surrounding the elections, there appears to be a lack of enthusiasm among voters. Udayavani’s interaction with voters, particularly in bustling areas like the fishing port, State Bank, Kankanady, Mangaladevi, Bejai, Kavoor Kudroli, and Pumpwell, found that people were more focused on their daily routines than discussing political matters.

Rickshaw driver Sandeep expressed a common sentiment, stating that regardless of the outcome, there has been minimal tangible benefit for the common people.

“The auto rickshaw drivers a facing loss after the government introduced free bus travel for women. The prices are rising sharply. The cost of a small cable, which used to be Rs. 20, has now risen to Rs. 80. Everyone is the same. Instead of voting for them, it’s better to press the NOTA button,” he said.


Similarly, patrons at local establishments echoed a sense of disinterest in voting, citing a lack of confidence in political leaders to fulfill their promises.

While acknowledging the importance of voting, many advocated for stricter implementation of laws to ensure accountability. Even among those who expressed a willingness to participate in the electoral process, skepticism loomed large.

Hasanabba, a fishmonger, voiced doubts about the efficacy of elected leaders in addressing the concerns of the common people.

Amidst these varied sentiments, however, the prevailing mood suggests a deep-seated skepticism toward the efficacy of political leadership in addressing the needs of the populace.

Jacintha from Urva said that the local authorities have encouraged residents to actively engage in the electoral festivities. She also emphasized the importance of exercising the right to vote.


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