Renukaswamy Murder Case: Attempts made to shield Darshan and another politically connected accused?

10:08 AM Jun 14, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: In the Renukaswamy murder case, it has been alleged that efforts are underway to protect the 13th accused, who is said to be a close relative of a prominent politician, as well as actor Darshan. However, the police have denied these allegations.


It is alleged that the 13th accused Deepak’s associates were ready to strike a significant deal to extricate him and Darshan from the case. Due to Deepak’s connection with an influential politician, suspicions have arisen about attempts to keep him out of the case. There were even efforts to ensure that Deepak’s photo did not get publicized, sources said.

It is alleged that there was contemplation to make Deepak an approver and drop the case against him. Additionally, pressure from influential circles to protect Darshan has reportedly become a challenge for the police.

ACP Chandan Appointed as Investigation Officer

Following the emergence of the case, Kamakshipalya Inspector Girish Naik, who was conducting the investigation from the beginning, including site inspections and interrogations, has been replaced.


As of Thursday, ACP Chandan has been appointed as the new investigation officer. Henceforth, the investigation of the Renukashwamy murder case will proceed under ACP Chandan’s direction.

It is understood that Inspector Girish Naik was transferred to Kamakshipalya police station due to the Lok Sabha elections. After the election duties were completed, an order was issued two days ago for him to return to his station, resulting in the change of the investigation officer.

Accused given a mobile phone during Mahajar?

During the Mahajar (spot inspection) related to the Renukashwamy murder case on Wednesday at Pattanagere Shed, it was observed that police personnel handed a mobile phone to one of the accused, including Darshan.

This incident was reportedly captured on a local CCTV camera, purportedly showing the accused speaking on the mobile phone during the inspection.

The accused had reportedly insisted and persuaded the police personnel to provide the mobile phone. Despite noticing this, the police allegedly remained silent.

PSI Involved in Disposal of Body?

It is alleged that after the murder of Renukashwamy, the accused had called a PSI (Police Sub-Inspector). Following discussions with the PSI, Darshan’s team reportedly disposed of Renukashwamy’s body near the Sumanahalli bridge in the jurisdiction of Kamakshipalya police station.

Post the murder and disposal of the body, the accused are alleged to have had discussions with a police officer. There are suspicions that a deal was being made to prevent Darshan’s name from being implicated.

Rowdy Sheet Against Darshan?

The possibility of opening a rowdy sheet against actor Darshan has also come to the fore.

Darshan has faced several assault and threat allegations in the past. Now, with his involvement in the murder case, the chances of opening a rowdy sheet against him cannot be ruled out.

Post-Mortem Report Reveals 15 Serious Injuries on Renukashwamy’s Body

The post-mortem report of Renukashwamy conducted by the doctors of Bowring Hospital has reached Kamakshipalya police station. It is reported that the body had 15 injuries.

According to sources, the report indicates that there was bleeding in the abdomen due to assault on vital organs. There was severe impact on the head, but no external bleeding was noted. Injuries were also found on the hands, legs, back, and chest, causing internal bleeding. Severe assault resulted in coagulated blood in some parts of the body.

The post-mortem also revealed that the face and jaw were gnawed by dogs. Overall, the report confirms that Renukashwamy was brutally murdered, according to sources.


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