Subrahmanya-Manjeshwar road connection may get cutoff

01:31 AM Apr 05, 2020 | aaron |
Subrahmanya: This is one of the primary roads which connect with the historic Kukke Subrahmanya temple and is currently facing the fear of being cutoff. Before reaching Subrahmanya-Manjeshwara connection road, near Kumaradhara river, a tree on the top of a roadside hill has bent over dangerously. It is on a countdown to end up on the road. The soil at the bottom of the tree has loosened and incase the tree topples, there is a possibility wherein the hill too might come crashing down. It has the capacity to lead to a major incident in the future. The place where the tree has bend over is a hilly area which border the road. Along the route there are other small trees which have also bent over. On the other side of the road, Kumaradhara river is flowing. The area which is feared to cause a landslide is made of a huge hill. Earlier too there were such fears. The roots of the trees have weakened. This may lead to even more problems. since the area is narrow, a landslide here will definitely cutoff the road connection. Cannot be ignored Along with the mud and trees, huge boulders are waiting to topple downhill. If the boulders come down along with the trees and the mud, the intensity of the danger will only increase. Since this can lead to vehicular accidents, it is high time, precautionary measures are implemented here.

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