Udupi: Sharp drop in groundwater levels sparks concerns

10:27 AM Feb 26, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Udupi: The declining trend of rainfall is mirrored by a significant drop in groundwater levels in the district. According to recent data, the groundwater level plummeted by 0.26 meters in just January alone, sounding alarms among local authorities and residents.


The dwindling groundwater poses a mounting challenge for both urban and rural areas, with reports of increased reliance on tanker water as a stopgap measure. Moreover, the decreasing levels of river water exacerbate the situation, compounding the water scarcity issue.

Experts emphasize the urgent need for effective rainwater utilization and water source conservation to mitigate the looming crisis. The month-wise data underscores the severity of the situation, with the groundwater level showing a steady decline over the months.

Warning signs:

Comparing January 2023 to January 2024, the groundwater level dropped from 8.03 meters to 7.79 meters respectively(a drop of o.26 meters), marking a concerning trend. Furthermore, a 25% reduction in aggregate rainfall adds to the predicament, underscoring the urgency of the situation.


Warning signs have emerged, with certain areas in Udupi and Byndoor reaching critical groundwater levels. Similar concerns are echoed in Karkala and Kundapur, with specific areas like Kapu, Brahmavara, and Hebri warranting special attention.

Proactive measures advised:

Groundwater experts are advocating for proactive measures to address the crisis. Suggestions include safeguarding water bodies, regulating dam releases, implementing rainwater harvesting, and recharging unused wells and boreholes.

In response to the escalating situation, the District Groundwater Directorate has issued a circular urging prudent water usage, particularly in institutions and establishments with high water consumption. Emphasis is placed on preventing water contamination and maximizing the use of water for non-potable purposes like gardening.

Dr. M Dinakar Shetty, a senior geoscientist from the Department of Groundwater and Earth Sciences in Udupi, underscores the critical need for water source conservation and judicious usage. “Due to the lack of rainfall, the groundwater level has fallen. In addition to the conservation of water sources, there should also be good use of rainwater, and if necessary, water should be used sparingly,” he added.

As the specter of water scarcity looms large over Udupi, concerted efforts from authorities and communities are imperative to address the crisis and safeguard precious water resources.


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