Viral video shows dangerous misuse of car technology while driving

06:03 PM Mar 13, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

A disturbing video of a man misusing the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology in his Mahindra XUV 700 while driving on a highway has caused a stir on social media.


Twitter user Xroaders (@Xroaders_001) who shared the video wrote:”Just randomly happened to come across a reel !! Trust,me you would not see such a bizarre & moronic stuff related to Automobile stuff !! Unreal just for reel @anandmahindra @MahindraXUV700 it’s a travesty that we have to share roads with people like these This is just insane !!”

The video shows the driver taking his feet off the pedals and leaving the steering wheel unattended to make a video with his wife, who is sitting on the passenger seat. The couple can be seen play-fighting while driving, using the car’s advanced features to create a reckless and dangerous situation on the road.

ADAS technology is designed to aid driving and parking by using electronic technologies to reduce the number of car accidents and their impact. However, the couple’s behavior demonstrates a complete disregard for the safety of themselves and other road users.

It is unclear when and where the video was taken, but it has already attracted over 1 million views and 350 retweets on Twitter.


Watch the video here:

Social media users have expressed their outrage and called for strict action against the reckless driver. Many commenters have urged the authorities to take appropriate measures to prevent such dangerous behavior on the roads.

Some have called for hefty fines and suspension of the driver’s license, while others have suggested that the car’s manufacturer should be held responsible for the misuse of their technology.


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