Wholesome video of a dog commuting on Mumbai local train goes viral

03:26 PM May 22, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Mumbai: A video of a regular canine commuter on the Mumbai local train has gone viral, showcasing the unique bond between the city’s residents and its beloved transportation system. The heartening clip, originally posted by the Instagram page “India Cultural Hub,” depicts a stray dog confidently boarding the train and enjoying its journey from Borivali to Andheri station.


The video showcases the dog peacefully seated on the train floor, captivating the attention of fellow passengers with its relaxed demeanor. As the train proceeds, the canine curiously gazes out of the open doors, creating an adorable moment that has warmed the hearts of viewers across the internet. Even the commuters attempting to enter the train express surprise and delight, promptly smiling at the animal who continues to relish its journey near the entrance.

Accompanied by the caption, “Meet the local train’s regular traveler in #Mumbai, Here’s something to lighten up your weekend!” the video has swiftly gained immense popularity, accumulating an impressive one lakh likes and 8.3 lakh views since its posting.



Social media users have flooded the comments section with expressions of admiration and affection for the dog’s charming daily routine.

“It’s his world, and we are just part of it,” one user reflected, encapsulating the sentiment of many who appreciate the harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

“I certainly want to know what time train from Borivali stn and platform so I can go meet this little happiness,” wrote another user.

The video has inspired many to appreciate the freedom enjoyed by animals, with one person remarking, “Love to see them roam freely, take a free train ride, and coexist peacefully.”

“Yes, I have seen him. He gets back to Andheri at night; he is such a smart baby,” noted an observant individual.

Amidst the flurry of positive comments, some light-hearted suggestions also emerged, with a user playfully advising the dog, “Isko koi batao borivali se Andheri fast train pakde (Someone tell him to take a fast train from Borivali to Andheri).”

Commenting on the heartwarming nature of the video, a user expressed their faith in peaceful coexistence, stating, “Stories like these restore my faith in the concept of ‘peaceful co-existence,’ the fact that the dog can safely get in and out of the local train safely in the middle of the cobweb of densely crowded platforms.”


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