Dengue, Nipah outbreak: No need for panic, but take necessary precautions: DK DC Mullai Muhilan

08:34 PM Sep 15, 2023 | PTI |

Mangaluru: District Deputy Commissioner Mullai Muhilan told the public that there is no need for panic about the spread of dengue and Nipah but advised precautions against these infectious diseases.


In the meeting held at the DC’s office, Muhilan stressed that health authorities and local organizations must proactively disseminate vital information regarding the symptoms, transmission, control, and treatment of these diseases.

Dengue, primarily transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, stands as a significant concern in the region. Collector Mugilan recommended that local administrative bodies enact legislation specifically aimed at Aedes mosquito control, in accordance with Communicable Diseases/CRPC Act provisions.

He further urged the identification and immediate control of potential mosquito breeding sites, particularly following a week of continuous rainfall in the district. It was emphasized that standing water from the rains might serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Taking the fight against dengue to the grassroots level, an action plan encompassing larvicidal spraying was proposed, targeting problem areas with meticulous larval surveys. In the event of a confirmed dengue case, fogging, larvicides, and comprehensive larval surveys should be promptly conducted, the DC said.


Educational institutions and hostels were also urged to prioritize fumigation. Children should be educated about dengue control through creative methods that involve identifying mosquito breeding sites in both school environments and homes. Additionally, the installation of mosquito nets on windows was advised as a long-term solution.

Furthermore, Collector Mugilan emphasized the need for extensive knowledge dissemination about Nipah virus symptoms, with all health workers and department staff well-informed by medical officers.

Cooperation with the Forest Department to obtain information about the presence of fruit bats was also highlighted.

Muhilan urged heightened vigilance at District Wenlock Hospital and all Medical Colleges. Appropriate isolation wards should be reserved, and fever surveys conducted at Primary Health Centers and Community Health Centers, with adequate medicinal supplies.

He reassured the public, stating that there is no need for undue alarm. However, he advised caution for those with bats in proximity, urging them to abstain from consuming fruits that have been potentially bitten by the creatures.

The DC underscored the importance of immediate medical attention for anyone experiencing fever-like symptoms.

Dr. Anand K., Chief Executive of Zilla Panchayat, stressed the need for improved hostel facilities and directed concerned organizations to maintain an up-to-date list of suspected dengue cases.

Medical officers were advised to convene weekly meetings and take appropriate measures to combat dengue. Additionally, the utilization of social media platforms for public education on dengue control was emphasized.

Officials were also urged to promptly report any pipeline leaks, and oversee the maintenance and cleaning of water tanks in urban areas.


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